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All wrapped up

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I should be safe to post this as it’s past Christmas. 🙂 As some of you know, I use my antique Wolf dress form adorned with my wedding corset as part of my display at the Charleston Farmers Market, Lowcountry Artist Market, and Holy City Artist & Fleas. I have had several conversations with people about custom corsets and have hoped that I’d have the opportunity to make one for someone. I don’t openly seek commissions, but I am very much available to do them. So, during the last HCAF I had a conversation with a lovely woman. She took my card and said that this is what she wanted for Christmas. I tried not to get too excited but lo and behold, I had a phone call from her husband just a couple days later. I put together the gift card and dropped it by his office.

{ Image courtesy Kelly Sauer. }

I’m very excited to work on this project as I love, love, love making them! ♥

Worm sign

The holidays have been super busy and I have a couple new posts to share before the end of the year, but I had to share this. The bizarro weather has had us out in shorts (until late yesterday) working in the garden and pruning bonsai. We also noticed …

Worm sign! I am probably more excited about this than I should be, but they’ve moved out from the garden beds and into the yard. They’ve made great distance. I think there’s hope for our super shitty soil now. The dirt must flow.

Carry on.

Look… I got something added to the new shop!

{ Click the image to see. }

More to come…

Design*Sponge Paper Snowflake Mini-Garland

Hooray! I would like to shout a big ‘Thank You’ to Design*Sponge for featuring the snowflake mini-garland today.

♥ ♥ ♥

Monday, Monday

Whew, what a weekend! Our night at Middleton (Thursday) as a lot of fun and we got some pretty decent photos. Friday was scrambling for various home things and to finish several pillows for the closing weekend of the Farmers Market. Saturday was a record day and it was sad to say goodbye to many new friends made during the season. Fingers crossed that we’re in for next year!

Here’s one of the few shots I’ve edited and most likely my favorite of the batch, antlers in the tanning shed.

I’ll have more photos online this week as well as some shop updates. I keep saying I’m going to update the shop and yet… it hasn’t happened. I seriously need some inspiration for the styling of the pillows when they’re photographed.

New traditions

We’re heading out to Middleton Inn & Gardens to celebrate Michael’s birthday… a week early. We did it last year and had such a blast. We’ll head over early and hit the gardens for late afternoon photographing (weather permitting) before getting into our room for the evening’s festivities. We’ll take a long stroll on Friday and head back home.

Here are a few shots from last year…

Monday, Monday

What a wonderfully busy and fun weekend was had by all. Saturday’s HCAF was much fun and I sold a few things. I mentioned to friends that I really don’t need to get attached to some of the things I make as I almost cried when this walked away with a delightful new owner. I’m busy trying to get more inventory ready for the closing weekend of the Farmers Market, coming up this weekend!

Here’s to a fabulous week! I hope to have photos of the newer pillows taken and uploaded to Etsy tomorrow.

Bon Weekend – ‘Tis the season…finally!

We got most of the Yule | Christmas decorating finished last night. Here are some teaser photos of some of our stuff. More to come on Monday! I’m very thankful the awesome lady at the tree place gave us an armful of tree cuttings!

Almost everything is from last year, even the snow!

I also have to include a photo of the matriarch, who rarely poses, but she was having the best time with her sassy new garland!

The boys are spending most evenings sleeping under the tree.

Instagram is hijacking my blog

With shows every weekend until Christmas, needing to get the house decorated and various other goodies, I can’t say NO to it.

It was around 90° yesterday but we got the tree. It’s gorgeous.

We got the lights up last night.

And this is a teaser of a project Michael is working on for mom.

The thread racks are up and I love them! I had no idea I had that much thread…

Back to work!

The last Holy City Artists & Fleas this weekend

As many of you have heard, Eye Level Art is closing at the end of the month. The Holy City Artists & Fleas has been an event for many of the city’s wonderful independent artists, crafters and vendors to show and sell their work. This weekend is the final event, so please come out and support {that means buying, please} local artisans!

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