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‘So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.’

I’m behind on posts this week. I’ll provide some lovely filler with what I like refer to as childhood toys grown up. Last January I posted Christian Faur’s ‘pointillist’ portraits and I have a few more, courtesy of DudeCraft.

First up is Joe Black , who recreates the famous self-portrait of artist Chuck Close using LEGOs. Please be sure to explore more of Chuck’s work at Artsy.

Here is the original self-portrait:

The next portrait is a re-visualization of a Chinese soldier boy taken by photographer Robert Capa which was used on the cover of LIFE magazine in 1938 when it covered the second Sino Japanese War. It is comprised of 5500 toy soldiers.

Joe Black also has some brilliant super hero portraits.

{ I snagged the Gene Wilder/Willy Wonka from }

Delve into 2012

Guest Room
Some time this year I hope we can address the guest room, which is downright pitiful. I’ve been dreaming of this palette for a while now. I’m jonsing for a pop of color upstairs.

{ Unfortunately, I do not have the photo credit for the room in the top of the montage as I saved it a long time ago. The bottom left photo is from desire to inspire and the bottom right is from Canadian House & Home via Creamy Life. Fabric was found on Calico Corners. }

What we’re hoping to accomplish:
Paint the walls using the shadow stripping method like we used in the bedroom. I don’t know right now if we’ll use a stencil, an angular design or go free hand.
DIY headboard.
Louvered door for the closet.
Pelmet box. { Illustration forthcoming! }
Roman shades and drapes.
Finish tables – knobs and mirrored tops.
Seating and console table/dresser.
Ceiling fan.
Lighting – don’t have any clue as to what this will look like yet.

We’ll get to addressing the living room and the master bedroom/bath {mom’s domain} soon!

Bon Weekend – Middleton Montage

Wow, it’s been almost a month since we did our annual excursion to the Inn at Middleton Place & Middleton Gardens and I am now finally getting to post some of the photos starting with the sundial in the sundial garden! I thought to provide a detailed write up but if I wait to to it I’ll never share these so I’ll let the photos do the talking. I have more photos to edit and will share them soon. Perhaps then I’ll conjure up the some more exciting words! Oh, the smaller images can be clicked on for a more detailed view.

There are several artisans working on the property recreating various goods for visitors to watch and buy.




And last but not least, a shot of one of the many beautiful camelias in the gardens.

ETA – I forgot to mention that we bought a cutting of this type of camelia for mom. I’m looking forward to seeing it develop! There several beautiful larget camelia bushes at the old house, which either my grandmother or great grandmother planted. We’re trying to get a collection started for mom. Also missing is a magnolia tree or few.

Delve into 2012 – DIY

When I mentioned in last week’s 2011 review that the breakfast nook was pretty much good to go, I totally forgot to mention this lovely DIY idea for our chairs.

I pinned this upholstered chair tutorial from Apartment Therapy a while back. I love the basic ivory cushions we have on them now, but a pop of green/orange/red on the top with some padding would be utterly delicious!

Monday, Monday

I felt the bedroom need a little greening over the weekend and as I cut some leaves last week, the ‘new’ beaker was the perfect vessel to hold them and the shelf was just the spot for it. The beaker was picked up last week while we were out thrifting items for some new products. The mirror was also thrifted a few weeks back. The bottle is an antique vaseline Czech perfume bottle we picked up a few years back and the head is a stamp I found at an antique medical curiosities/equipment shop in Amsterdam about 10 years ago. I think it’s a lovely start for that area and I’m sure I’ll find something to add to the mix.

Now… to find a new home for the hare and the deer.

Bon Weekend – Urchin for details

I was putting together another ‘Delve into 2012’ post dedicated to the upstairs guest room. I went to snag the URL for the bedside tables and mocked myself for never buying the seafoam Urchin Test knobs (and are we sure they’re not poppy pods?) from Anthropologie. I’d had them on my wish list since they came out and I watched as they dropped from $8 to $2.95 and stayed glued to my seat with inactivity until they were no longer available. I googled them for an image source when I stumbled upon them at the site. What? I got greedy and immediately placed an order for 8 and I was told there weren’t that many remaining, so I tried again and selected 4. Hurray, the order went through. I was ecstatic. I got my confirmation email and was happy. Later in the evening I received the tracking info and saw that only three were shipping. I didn’t care, I really only wanted two in the first place and was happy to have an extra… just in case. I decided to click on the item link and was greeted with ‘We’re sorry. This item is no longer available’. Did I just score the last three seafoam colored knobs? I don’t know, but I do know I’m pretty stoked right now.

Cheers to them arriving safely and going on the tables without issue! I think they’ll look quite awesome.

We still need to add mirrored tops to the tables.

Constellation Light Tutorial on Offbeat Home

I would like to send out a big ‘Thank You!’ to Cat and Offbeat Home for sharing our constellation light tutorial today!

Delve into 2012

Ok, you can laugh at Michael for that title. Now that I’ve put last year behind me it’s time to look what I hope we can address this year. We’ll start with the…


{ Click image to enlarge. }

This is our kitchen. It’s very nice, very nicely sized, and we have a great time working in it but it’s dark. Really dark. I’m generally not a fan of exposed wood cabinetry, especially in the kitchen. Ok, getting my hands on an antique barrister bookcase and I’ll be singing a different tune. I did a few mock-ups over the summer with a couple different color combinations for the cabinets and island, as well as the addition of white subway tiling. I hadn’t posted any of my ideas as we’ve been working on so many things, but a girl can dream, right?

The upper cabinets and walls are white. The dark grey seems to work best below as it would be pulling a color from the Corian® countertops. We have a piece of marble to fit on the island, which will be painted the same as the lower cabinets.

{ Click image to enlarge. }

We were at one of the Habitat ReStores a couple days back and found a box of tiles for 5¢ a piece. There were only 100 and we haven’t measured the space, but for $5.00 I think we did pretty well. We’re going to look at the other locations to see if on the off chance they’d have another 50 or so, we would know we could make it work!

Mom wasn’t feeling this idea when I showed it to her over the summer so I’m not pushing it at the moment. Then again, it could have been because I also showed her a version with turquoise cabinets…

and all she could think was, “OMG do not want!” Perhaps it’s time to broach the subject again.:)

2011 in review

When I look back on what we did last year I see that we accomplished quite a bit! Sometimes it’s easy to lose track while going through the daily, weekly and monthly grind. Here are the highlights of what we did/made…

We went from ugh to ah in a matter of months. I was frustrated with myself for putting off starting a few things but in the end I think it worked for the better!

What we did in 2011:
Painting and a needed update for our bedspread. I’m still thinking of going with white and accenting with color through pillows.
Hung our Nelson bubble lamps.
Starry pelmet

What we need to work on/finish:
Recover bedside stools & redo lamps
Wood floors or decent carpeting
Louvered door for the closet

Stay tuned to Offbeat Home this week for the constellation light tutorial!

My Studio
I loved it when we got it set up the previous year but after working in it for a while I realized I needed to make changes.

What we did in 2011:
Made the steel prep table mobile
New flooring
New center work table
Reorganized the layout

Window shelf (in action)
Thread storage

What we need to work on/finish:
More shelving
The closet of doom

Breakfast Nook
A lackluster and unused space became a family project. Mom served for much of the inspiration.


Winter arrives with the new year

I was hoping to pull together a review of the last year but winter decided to arrive with the new year, thankfully. We’ve actually had to to swat away mosquitoes while working in the garden over the past week or so. We decided to turn the porch into a temporary greenhouse (I’m going forward with one on my wish list this year). We ran out to secure some drop cloths and extra staples and set about making a safe haven for our more delicate plants.

It held up very well during the night, despite wind gusts topping 60mph. It’s supposed to be colder tonight and I need to make sure all the sheeting outside gets a little more security.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the year in review!

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